Freecell Solitaire

100% skill. 0% excuses. You start with all cards face-up so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

The goal is to build up the foundation piles by suit.

Valid moves on the table are like Klondike (descending and by alternating color). However, unlike Klondike, you can’t necessarily move all of the cards of a sequence at once. You’re only ever allowed to move a single card plus however many free cells you have, well, free. This means that there is only ever a possibility of moving 5 cards as a group. Now, this max of 5 can be gotten around somewhat if you have free columns open, as you can use the column as a temporary stepping stone.

Basic gameplay is to win by completing the foundation piles from Ace to King, by suit. Basic table moves are to play down, by alternating color. Once you manage to clear a column, any card may be moved to it. Also, any valid stack may be moved there as well, assuming you have enough free cells to accomodate the move.

Unlike most of the solitaires out there, almost all of the deals can be won. Given sufficient skill, patience, and heavy use of the undo button.

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