Spider Solitaire

Pretend to cure your arachnophobia by playing some Spider Solitaire!

Spider Solitaire ranges quite greatly in difficulty depending on how many suits you decide to play with.

In Spider, the basic premise is to remove all of the cards from the playing board by completing sequences from King down to Ace. The sequence must be by suit in order for it to be removed.

You are however, allowed to make moves that are in sequence but not in suit. For instance, if you have an 8 card, you may move any 7 onto it. Here’s the catch though. As noted previously, only sequences of the same suit can be removed from the board and only cards in a sequence can be moved together. Meaning, that 8 is now “frozen” if you put a 7 of a different suit underneath it. However, balancing these types of moves is almost always necessary in order to win Spider Solitaire when it’s played with multiple suits.

The options here allow you to play with 1, 2, or 4 suits at a time. When you have removed all of the cards from the board, you have won the game.

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