Yukon Solitaire

It starts out innocently enough. If you play by hand, it will first look like Klondike. But then you throw a whole bunch more cards on the table and allow for moves that would get you thrown in Solitaire jail if you attempted them in Klondike.

If you’re familiar with Russian Solitaire, this is like but by alternating color instead of by suit (so considerably more winnable).

You can play this one like Klondike, but you won’t get very far if those are the only moves you allow yourself.

Where this really varies from Klondike is all of the out of sequence moves you can make. Only top-most cards are available as targets in this game. BUT, here’s where it gets interesting: any valid card (down by 1 and of the alternate color) can be moved onto that target card regardless of what cards are underneath that “source” card. You will pick up the source card and whatever cards happen to be underneath it and move everything onto that target card. As you might imagine, this can lead to some very long, very cluttered stacks of cards.

Unlike traditional Klondike rules, any blank spot can be filled by any card (or any stack of sequential or non-sequential cards).

Exactly like Klondike, your ultimate goal is still to move all cards to the foundation piles. Foundations are built up and by suit.

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